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Bluish Green Tourmaline - 1.02ct - 7.70mm x 5.54mm

Weight: 1.02ct

Size: 7.70mm x 5.54mm x 3.44mm

Origin: Brazil

Reserve it to start your bespoke jewelry!

  1. Once you purchase this gemstone we will contact you to start your custom design, you can tell us which of our designs you wish, let us suggest you or let's do something completely new!
  2. When the initial idea is ready we will show you a hand draw of the project and an estimation of cost to make it.
  3. with your OK! We will require a 50% of the total.
  4. Then we will create a 3D preview where we will be still at time to make some modifications in case is needed.
  5. With the OK of the 3D we will make the wax and final adjust to your Gemstone.
  6. Before casting we will require the other 50% of payment.
  7. Cast and Finish! Allow us few extra days to take pics of your one of a kind piece to share their beauty with our followers =)