Moustier | ABOUT US

The name Moustier, comes from the abbreviation of De Dessus Le Moustier,  coming from the nobility Circa 1300, Belgium origin and last name of Dino Frediani grand mother.
Since 2001 Dino has been working in gemstones industry, providing jewelries of all over the world, first at Gemstonefan SL as CEO and later did his own company Cadingems, based in Barcelona, Spain.


 With a huge passion for Gemstones has been specialized on Tourmalines, Emeralds, Aquamarines and included Quartz. Has been traveling to Brazil and Thailand to buy directly from the font and actually owns workshops on both countries where gems are cut by its own company.


 Moustier Jewelry, is the result from

knowledge in gemstones

and love for jewelry and design.