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Designing new earrings!

Designing new earrings!

Few months ago a customer from Germany saw some of our unique watermelon tourmalines from Brazil and ask me to create a pair of long earrings with them for his wife. 

these were the beauties:


after several sketches we decided to add 2mm diamonds and matching bicolors which was quite hard to find but we did!

It ended being one of the nicest earrings I ever did! Was made in 18k Gold with matte finish, here they are :

The slices were pretty big! the total long of the earrings was almost 6cm (2,36 inches).

And they look amazing being worn! So elegant and sofisticated with vivid watermelon colors. Look:

They had a great succes on instagram and many of you ask me to do same, but unfortunately with Gemstones sometimes is extremely difficult to find exact colors, shapes and sizes. Specially with tourmaline slices!

After some months I could find some super nice pairs that will make beautiful earrings like this one!

I started yesterday to draw and combine gemstones to make some new options.

Those are some of the ideas I had:

I asked on my instagram @moustierjewelry which ones were your favorites and most said me bottom left! I really like it too so I decided to make a preview with gouache painting, which was very common to use for jewelry preview before all the 3D software arrived.

What do you think? I think those earrings will be one of a kind!

Feel free to leave a comment below!

If you would like to purchase these or any of the other options contact us at

Moustier Jewelry

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From sketch to Real

From sketch to Real

Photoshooting of finest watermelon Tourmaline

Photoshooting of finest watermelon Tourmaline


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